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Limited Guarantee

We do not guarantee an environment free of biological contamination and inanimate allergens because we do not control the environment after treatment and because opening doors and windows permits reentry of biological contamination. No indoor environment is free of biological contamination. We cannot ensure that the true fundamental issue has been addressed. Therefore, our limited guarantee is expressly limited to re-application (if needed) at no additional charge if Organico decides that it is necessary and is our responsibility.  Following our initial inspection and treatment, we will provide details for maintaining a clean environment that serve as qualifiers for the guarantee. The most common qualifiers include maintaining humidity levels at or below 50%, using oscillating fans to move moist air toward the dehumidifier(s) and eliminating any water intrusions. Please note that ventilation is critical to prevent mold from returning to a space.


 Disclaimer of Responsibility

 Organico Mold Solutions will not be responsible for any bacterial regrowth following service due to the original cause not being RESOLVED (e.g. water leaks, inadequate ventilation, etc.) or due to a failure to control humidity levels or new water intrusion. We do not take responsibility for any health problems that are a result of the presence of environmental contamination related to mold and mildew either before or after our service is provided. Please note that Organico does not depend on mold testing to reliably measure the levels of mold on one's property because there are several factors that can impact this test.

Treatment Instructions


● Move furniture three feet away from walls, where possible.
● Cover all electronics, oil-based paintings, and leather furniture with a bed sheet to allow
the enzyme to penetrate at a lower intensity.
● Purchase a new filter for your HVAC system.


● You must wait 48 hours to re-enter the treated areas of the property. This ensures that the product has time to work without any disruption.
● There may be residue left behind by the product on certain surfaces (floors, mirrors,
countertops). If you notice any product on other surfaces, it can easily be cleaned with
an all-purpose cleaner.

Scope of Service

All appropriate steps will be taken to minimize ambient biological contamination and inanimate allergens, using the Life Science product of Xspor Technologies in connection with your property. The specific abatement protocols to be undertaken will be determined by evaluating the property.

Payment Terms

Payment is due at the completion of service.

Cash, Card, Paypal, Zelle or Check are accepted methods of payment.

Cancellation Policy

Organico Mold Solutions has a 48-hour cancellation policy. If the client cancels, changes, or reschedules their appointment with less than 48 hours notice, a $250 late fee charge will be applied.

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