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Mold Facts

Mold Grows Quickly in temps above 40°F

  • Mold survives where moisture and organic material are present. Organic material includes dust, fabric, wallpaper, wood, and paint

  • Mold grows in as little as 24-48 hours

  • Mold prefers areas with no sunlight that have little airflow

  • Even homes that have never suffered from water damage can be effected due to high humidity levels

  • As mold matures it reproduces, sending seed-like spores into the air

Not All Treatments Are Created Equal

  • The usefulness of detergents and bleach is limited to non-porous surfaces and is a temporary solution

  • Without eliminating sources of moisture the mold is likely to re-grow. The EPA recommends reducing humidity levels to below 60%, removing all sources of water leakage within the home, sealing penetrations in walls and floors especially in areas below the ground, and removing all areas of standing water and checking for moldy odors

Mold Can Destroy Your Home

  • Homes affected by mold may decrease drastically in value while remaining difficult to sell

  • The indoor air quality of the home is compromised by mold

  • Research has shown that up to 1 to 10 million mold spores can be present in a single square foot of drywall

  • Mold present in a basement will rise throughout the home due to the “Stack Effect”, in which warm air rises in the home and exits through the upper levels and attic. A vacuum is created on the lower levels which draws air upwards from the basement and crawl space and anything in that air (including humidity, dust mite feces, spores and odors) may be drawn into the main area of the home where you breathe

Treatment and Your Health

  • It takes only 3-5 mold spores to cause an allergic reaction.

  • Tens of thousands of lawsuits have been filed against landlords, insurance companies, and developers over mold related issues, with many insurance companies now excluding mold from their policies.

  • You may be affected by mold if you experience stuffy nose, headaches, or other allergic reactions while at home but feel relieved shortly after leaving the premise.

  • Reactions to mold can occur through inhalation, ingestion, and skin contact

  • In very rare cases, mold can be toxic

  • Unfortunately many people wait until someone is sick to treat mold. The best solution would be to take care of the problem before it starts

There's More to Mold Than What Meets The Eye

  • Mold can grow inside ducts, behind wallpaper, behind drywall panels, and behind ceiling panels

  • As reported in Time magazine, there can be hundreds of thousands of mold spores in a single cubic meter of indoor air

  • A single person may inhale as much as 10-12 cubic meters of mold per day

Mold Cleaning Requires Professional Expertise

  • Trained professionals have the appropriate equipment and skills to assess the problem

  • Professionals will be able to recognize issues that must be resolved to prevent future growth

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